Filtered Review: AI Driven Adaptive Learning for the L&D World

Filtered AI driven content intelligence platform

Are you an L&D professional waiting to see how new tech concepts such as artificial intelligence / machine learning are going to affect your work? Read on for our Filtered learning content intelligence platform review. This is true AI driven adaptive learning for the L&D world.


Learning Light has been interested in adaptive learning for several years and one of the best expositions of Adaptive Learning we have looked at is the Excel course from Filtered, which we reviewed a while back.

You can read our review on that course, but in essence, by investing a little time upfront in taking some short tests, the Filtered solution offers a bespoke – well adaptive actually – learning pathway through the large library of Excel training materials offered.

The benefits are obvious; the course adapts to the learner’s needs, providing materials that enhance the learning experience and neatly sidestepping those that are not required. The results… time saved and a much more engaging learning experience, while the learner stays very much in control.

Filtered AI driven content intelligence platform


What is Filtered?

Well, the Filtered algorithm has been further enhanced to work on larger and larger libraries of content, and to my absolute delight it is making an impact in the world of Learning and Development.

In this context, Filtered is one of the leading AI companies in the English-speaking world.

Filtered pulls together a lot of strands that we find very interesting in the world of learning and development as a learning platform.

It is an excellent example of content curation for learning – a topic of real resonance for many L&D teams – as well as a recommendation engine to select what is the most appropriate piece of pre-curated content to an individual L&D professional.

The approach has moved on… no more hard questions about Excel, but a rather neat and characterful driven approach using a magpie avatar to elicit your interests. Extra points for the magpie metaphor as we know these are exceptionally acquisitive birds looking for shiny new things of interest. Many of us acquisitive L&D professionals will identify with this I am sure.

So after some well managed and quite engaging discourse with the said magpie, your interests in L&D are assessed quite accurately at the first pass in my experience (this includes job roles, L&D interests and more), and given that the magpie is only a few weeks old, the accuracy is surprising. Remember – in reality, this is a machine learning magpie on a mission.

Indeed, the accuracy can only get better as more and more people use the globalfilter platform to read and select their favourite articles, as well as enter and manage their profile (more about that in a minute).

The interface is a Netflix contemporary – content is ranked with subtitle headings across the L&D domain and users are asked to select favourites. It works well.

Recommended learning materials


It helps to read a few articles first. The titles are clearly displayed and in certain cases the author is named. The genre, video or article of each piece is shown and the likely duration time of the piece is also highlighted.

This is a simple and effective interface.

Your reading habits are obviously important to the algorithm, but so is your profile and here you have control.

While you set your profile at the beginning, it is within your power as a user to update and change your profile or interests if globalfilter is not accurately identifying your needs or interests – or if your job role changes. This (along with a growing user base) will ensure all users are served up with content that is going to help their day.

The benefits are obvious and multi-fold. Saving time and effort finding what you wish to read in a world gone content marketing crazy is of great use to the busy L&D professional.

However, the evolving Filtered platform will get better and better at reflecting your interests by dynamically leveraging the patterns of you and your peers in using the platform, therefore effectively sharing collective expertise and interests, and highlighting where the real quality and relevance lies for you in a morass of well-meant but not always appropriate material addressing L&D.

Your interactions, reading interests and any profile change will ensure the Filtered learning content intelligence platform will adapt to your requirements. Add to this the growing number of your peers using this adaptive learning platform, and the machine learning Magpie will get smarter and smarter.

You can learn more about Filtered here for learning content intelligence across key L&D areas.

So, AI-driven adaptive learning for the L&D world!