Get an eLearning Product Review

Learning Light offers to undertake impartial, independent product reviews of online courses or elearning products such as learning management systems.

These reviews help your elearning product get noticed and attract customers, as well as giving your product a credible endorsement from Learning Light.


LMS & Online Training Solutions

We have reviewed many current Learning Management Systems such as Pathway Cloud LMS, Kokm, scormLMS and CreateLMS and also Online Assessment and Proctoring products such as Comprobo.

When we review your LMS we will provide you with the review and we will also publish it on our website which gets a lot of traffic from people interested elearning products.

Here you can see a review of Pathway Cloud LMS and a review of Comprobo online assessment software.


eLearning Courses

To review courses, we use our unique Elearning Content Evaluation Tool, e-LCET. You can also see three our reviews which use the e-LCET tools: our Improving a Negative Attitude course review and our Business Game Course Review. You can also read about our review of City & Guilds Kineo eLearning courses.

Our reviews of elearning content are based on a transparent impartial  approach – The Objectives X Treatment Matrix, (an approach developed by leading industry figure Michael Allen) where we can objectively evaluate elearning courses.

We have provided private course reviews for a number of clients, to improve their elearning for sales and for their own use, as we believe that all elearning should be engaging and effective!

One of our clients, BWD Developments now uses our review to support the marketing of its elearning courses. An impartial independent evaluation is greatly valued by clients when deciding which vendor to select.


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