eLearning Companies in the USA

Below are some of the best elearning companies in the USA offering a range of products and services, including online courses, custom content, training videos, instructional design, LMS solutions and immersive learning simulations.

These US elearning providers can help you with delivering online health and safety training, regulatory / legal compliance, business skills development and more.



One of the most interesting US elearning companies, which is making great strides in the field of immersive learning simulations, is Empower The User – ETU.

Immersive simulation for soft skills training

While there are many simulation-based training companies in the market, what makes ETU different is that they create data-driven learning solutions for soft skills development without the need for the logistics or expense associated with AR or VR headsets.

The benefits of immersive simulation training are in the creation of a safe practice environment. Learners can experiment with their responses to common workplace scenarios without fear of failure. This provides the psychological safety needed for employees to really develop and grow as professionals.

Many of the world’s leading companies are now using ETU simulations as part of their employee engagement and L&D toolkit, including the likes of Amazon, Deloitte, Merck, IBM, PwC and more.

ETU’s solutions are particularly applicable for skills development in:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management
  • Business Ethics

Learn more about the innovative simulation training solutions from ETU over on their website.


Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning is an award-winning elearning company providing corporate training solutions globally to improve workforce performance for their clients and help drive their business growth.

Infopro Learning

103 Morgan Lane
Suite 102
NJ 08536
Tel: +1 (609) 606-9984



This company is one of the world’s leading cloud LMS providers, offering an easy to use, modular learning platform.

TalentLMS learning platform

TalentLMS is a suite of tools that enable you to build your own elearning courses based on existing multimedia content, and make them available on a learning management system that’s customized to your branding and needs, as well as based on your own domain if desired.

Everything is mobile friendly by default, and supports both SCORM and Tin Can / xAPI standards. While the TalentLMS solutions are designed with simplicity in mind, they are powerful and robus enough to be trusted by many of the world’s best known companies, including LG, DeLonghi, Rosetta Stone, Merck, Harper Collins Publishers and many more.

Epignosis LLC
315 Montgomery Street, 9th Floor
San Francisco, California
CA 94104
(+1) 646 797 2799



CoreAxis aim to deliver cost-effective corporate compliance training and a range of solutions to drive productivity throughout a client’s business. They work to transform organizations through leading edge learning solutions.


CoreAxis is a leader in innovative, immersive learning programs tailored for business requirements. They aim to provide world-class custom elearning development solutions that drive improvements in the performance of their clients’ people.

17 Skylar Drive
Tel: (508) 485 8660



SweetRush is a top corporate training company trusted by a range of Fortune 500 companies to improve their employee performance through some of the best custom elearning development solutions.

SweetRush Inc

1728 Ocean Ave
San Francisco
CA 94112
Tel: 4156471956


Cornerstone On Demand

Cornerstone’s leading talent management system provides recruitment, training, HRb management, and team collaboration solutions for all business sizes.

Cornerstone On Demand

Cornerstone OnDemand® (NASDAQ: CSOD) helps organizations to recruit, train, and manage their people as effectively as possible.

They work with hundreds of the world’s largest companies, from Walgreens and Starwood Hotels & Resorts to Deutsche Post DHL and Western Union. They also support thousands of smaller organisations to help them engage their workforces and empower their people.

1601 Cloverfield Blvd
Suite 600 South
Santa Monica
CA 90404
Tel: +1 (888) 365-2763


Allen Communications Learning Services

AllenComm designs, develops, and deploys innovative corporate training solutions. They help many organizations to transform their training content and implementation practices.

Allen Communications Learning Services

AllenComm is a digital learning agency that creates custom training programs. They help large companies work better by transforming their content into performance-based elearning experiences.

Salt Lake City
United States
Tel: (801) 537-7800



CrossKnowledge Learning Solutions are the trusted partner of many US and global organizations, helping L&D managers and learners to acquire the skills they need to succeed.


CrossKnowledge partners with large corporations to provide digital learning solutions to enable the success of individuals, teams and organizations through the best systems and processes skills acquisition. They work to deliver Integrated Learning Experiences to help your workforce acquire the skills they need to succeed.

111 River Street
Hoboken, NJ
Tel: +1-585-406-7211


Solo Learning

Solo have worked with organizations across all industries to design quality content, engaging eLearning modules and informative instructional materials that empower employees and drive performance and deliver desired and sustainable results.
They use a collaborative approach for the design and development process. They partner with clients to ensure:
• Each deliverable meets client expectations;
• Pre-planning, communication and risks are managed effectively;
• Project is on time and within budget.

There are a variety of factors that are considered when determining your custom eLearning solution. They begin with understanding your corporate culture, evaluating your content and understanding the desired learning objectives.

They work with you to determine the appropriate level of interactivity and complexity required to achieve your goals. They ensure the proper combination of interface design, type and volume of graphics and media, instructional strategies, quality of current content, as well as the complexity of the desired user interactions for a finished product that truly changes the way your employees learn. ”

2060 North Loop West, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77018
Tel: 713.402.1900


Aims Digital

Aims has spent over a decade creating meaningful learning experiences for customers across business verticals. Aims Digital possesses expertise in custom and rapid eLearning development, and learning solutions design. Apart from learning solution services, Aims Digital also offers the Vowel LMS – a learning management system that tracks all forms of media (including documents, presentations, video, and audio content) apart from standard compliant eLearning assets.
Aims Digital LLC
124 Exeter Road
New Market
NH 03857
Tel: +1-603-292-3934


Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso is a Silicon Valley based elearning product and services company. They provide end-to-end solutions to educational institutions and specialise in elearning Gamification. Paradiso Solutions provides blended learning management through mobile learning and cloud based LMS.

Some key features:

• Distance Learning
• Virtual Classroom
• e–Campus
• e–Assessments
• e–Portfolio
• Course Development / Course Composer

Address: United States Paradiso Solutions LLC
548 Market St
#13781 San Francisco
CA 94104

Call: +1 800 513 5902
Email: sales@paradisosolutions.com



ej4 is a US-based micro-course provider founded in 2004. Their goal is to replace expensive, time-consuming and ineffective instructor-led training with short, video-based learning content that enables any time, anywhere learning.

Focusing on the 4 “J’s” (just as needed, just enough, just in time, and just right), ej4 first launched their elearning programs and platform comprising entirely custom content. Since then, the goal of ej4 has evolved into increasing the knowledge and capabilities of employees and leaders through research-based micro-courses.

ej4 is now a leader within the field of skillset improvement. They average over 500 videos created annually via client projects, as well as regular updates to their own library of over 3,300 off-the-shelf courses. The company goal is to create training content that positively impacts the way organizations learn and perform.

With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, ej4 is now a part of HSI.

Call: (800) 566-3159


Blackboard Inc

Blackboard is a developer of education software with their headquarters in Washington DC. Blackboard are most notable for providing their proprietary Learning Management System to schools, universities and some corporations.

Blackboard Inc offer six main platforms Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Transact, Blackboard Connect, Blackboard Mobile, Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Analytics.

Blackboard Inc.
650 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
6th Floor
Washington, DC 20001-3796
Tel: 1-202-463-4860


SumTotal Systems

This is a software company based in Gainesville Florida that provide enterprise learning solutions to corporations of a variety of different sizes. The company uses the SaaS (Software as a Service) model to provide content to their clients. SumTotal offer both course content and Learning Managment Systems as part of their end-to-end solutions. You can find a more in depth company profile here.

2850 NW 43rd Street
Suite #200, Gainesville
FL 32606 USA
Tel: +1 352 264 2800


Qustn Technologies Inc

Qustn builds mobile and web products in the HR technology space. Their first product – Qtrain – is a SaaS LMS, and it enables e-learning and engagement, allowing seamless delivery and tracking of various training modules aiding in recruitment, onboarding and assessments. Users can train anyone anywhere on any platform – mobile or web – usually at a cost less than a coffee.Apart from providing various learning and engagement solutions to global enterprises, Qustn also provides this product in a SaaS format, in a never-seen-before pay-per-use model.

2600 EI Camino Real
Suite 403
Palo Alto
CA 94306
United States of America
Email: info@qustn.com



Taleo provides a number of end-to-end products for the management and training of corporate workforces. They provide solutions for talent management, recruiting, sourcing, assessment, onboarding, goals, performance, succession, development, learning, compensation and analytics.

4140 Dublin Boulevard
Suite 400
Dublin, CA 94568
United States
Tel + 888 836 3669
Tel: + 925 452 3000



Saba provides software cloud based solutions for learning & development, talent management, testing, assessment, online collaboration and enterprise social networking. They provide products that cater to a variety of different industries and were founded in 1997 in California.

Saba Software Inc.
2400 Bridge Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 USA
Tel: +1650.581.2500


THORS eLearning Solutions

Thors is a specialist in online education, applications and productivity tools, related to the manufacturing industry. One of the top elearning companies in the USA for specific industries, they offer relevant courses across many manufacturing industries that rapidly increase the Manufacturing IQ™ of the entire organization. They aim to bridge the knowledge and skills gap in the manufacturing industry by training new and existing personnel to create a highly efficient workforce.

5054 Paramount Blvd.
OH 44256
United States

If you’re looking for a top elearning company in the USA, then one of these excellent online education and training solution providers should be able to help you.