Learning analytics

Learning analytics is the collection and analysis of data related to individual learners, teams, interaction with course content, and measurable effects on employee and organisational performance. Therefore, learning analytics should be an essential part of the modern training and elearning toolkit, and the L&D benefits are potentially huge.

However, not all learning platforms make course and learner analytics easy. You shouldn’t need to be a data scientist to gather and interpret information on how elearning is being delivered and used. The top elearning companies and their LMS, LXP or any other type of modern learning platform will offer an intuitive UX / UI and easy to follow dashboards to help you delve into the data.

This will enable the Learning & Development team to laser in on individuals or teams that might need additional support, while improving elearning content that may prove to be less engaging or lead to the expected training outcomes.


Great Platforms for Learning Analytics

The following elearning companies have created LMS, LXP or Learning Suite solutions that clearly place a great deal of importance on course and learner analytics to support L&D teams:



ETU (Empower The User) offer a powerful, simulation-based training platform that captures learner data to deliver personalised, adaptive learning experiences.

ETU immersive learning platform

By creating simulations accessible via a PC, rather than additional hardware like AR/VR headsets, immersive learning can be delivered at scale. The emphasis is on continuous feedback and creating the psychological safety needed for employees to develop skills, rather than just absorb knowledge.

Learners receive continuous feedback, while L&D teams can identify skills gaps to help improve content or offer additional support where needed.

Skills development and learning analytics with ETU

All this is made possible through learner data gathering and analytics to deliver a personalised learning experience.

Learn more about the ETU learning simulation platform that’s used by market leaders such as Amazon, Deloitte, IBM and Merck to improve their training.

They also have several learner data analytics articles on the useful immersive learning resources seection of their website.


imc Learning

imc help well known brands worldwide to leverage learner data in order to boost their professional development initiatives and overall corporate success. The company offers a complete Learning Suite with integrated LMS and LXP functionality and powerful learning analytics tools to help you help you optimise your training strategy.

imc Learning Analytics

imc report that 92% of all L&D professionals state they are under pressure to prove the benefit of digital learning for their company. This also indicates that many companies are not aware of the value learning programmes can create for them – even though it has been shown that learning strategies can increase revenues by up to 218%.

They provide both the elearning deployment and learner analytics and reporting tools to make training a key competitive advantage for the likes of Deloitte, Vodafone, Audi, Sky and many more leaders in their field.

Scheer Tower,
Uni Campus Nord
Saarbrücken / Germany

Tel: +49 681 94760
Read more about the imc approach to learning analytics on their website.



Docebo makes it easy to gather, analyse, and leverage data from your training programmes. You can turn the data into useful insights to support your business KPIs with Learning Analytics.

Data and insights with Docebo LMS

Large scale learning programmes generate big data. Docebo Learning Analytics gives you the tools you need to automatically collect and analyze all that valuable data. With their powerful dashboards and reporting tools, you can clearly understand how your training programmes are performing, as well as how that data connects with and affects other areas of your business.

Suite 1 3rd Floor,
11-12 St James’ Square,

Tel: +44 0 207 283 8677
Read more about Docebo’s learning analytics tools.



Combining powerful predictive analytics and data insights, Cornerstone provides a fluid work experience to help HR and L&D teams to grow their people and businesses more effectively.

Predictive analytics with Cornerstone

Established in 1999, Cornerstone started with a simple but ambitious idea to improve access to education on a global basis through online learning. Since then, the company has come a long way and become a major provider of corporate training solutions, but remains to its mission of helping people learn and grow.

1601 Cloverfield Blvd,
Suite 600 South,
Santa Monica,
CA 90404

Tel: +1 (888) 365-2763
More about Cornerstone analytics and reporting tools can be found on their site


Learning Pool

Learning Pool can help accelerate your journey to learning data maturity with analytics that leverages BI strategies to deliver enterprise level reporting to L&D.

Training and BI with Learning Pool

Learning Pool was founded in 2006 to bring online learning into organisations in a collaborative way. Originally focused on sharing online learning content amongst government bodies, they took that concept and built out range of tools to enable performance improvement and modernisation.

Clockwise Offices, Riverhouse
48-60 High St
Belfast, Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 207 101 9383
Read more about Learning Pool reporting tools.



You can use LearnUpon’s out-of-the-box reports to track user progression, exam results, survey responses, training histories, and more.

LearnUpon elearning analytics

The company can help you build a bigger picture of training performance.

1st Floor Ocean House,
Arran Quay,
D07 DHT3,

Tel: +44 203 642 7679
Read more about LearnUpon elearning reporting features.

If you’ve been looking for a learning analytics definition, the potential L&D benefits or a shortlist of some of the best learning platforms for powerful data and analysis tools, then hopefully you’ll have found the above information useful.


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