eLearning Services

Here at Learning Light Ltd, we offer a range of expert elearning services to help you transform training and development within your organisation.

eLearning Consultancy – working closely with you to define your goals and needs, determine the necessary strategies and solutions to get you there, and deploy what is needed in a structured manner.

Content Development – drawing on our decades of experience and a network of the best learning content providers, we can help you to develop and / or purchase the perfect training materials.

Help Choosing an LMS – with hundreds of learning management systems available, it can be tricky to decide which providers to shortlist and work with. We can help you with choosing the best LMS for your budget, goals and current / future needs.

Marketing Services – new in 2016, we now have web marketing experts who can help get your training or elearning company more visibility and more enquiries. We can deliver better search engine rankings for your website and a prominent presence here at Learning Light.

Product Reviews – are you a training and development or elearning company with a well-established or new, innovative product to bring to the market? We can offer analysis and an in-depth review of your product, as well as helping you to communicate and promote its features and benefits.

Opinion Pieces – we write bespoke opinion pieces of any elearning topics which can be used to enhance your company’s portfolio, knowledge and website.

Research Services – working for a wide range of organisations, we have delivered in-depth, bespoke elearning market research services worldwide and across a range of industries.

Blended Learning Strategies – each organisation will have different training and development needs, and depending on the nature of each job role, a blend of traditional, face to face learning and remote, anytime-anywhere learning may be most powerful, accessible and cost-effective. As experts in training and elearning, as well as blended learning strategy, we can help you to make the right decisions for your organisation.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.