Engineering Training and eLearning

For engineering and manufacturing companies to compete in the marketplace they need keep on top of technological advancements, but also stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Compliance issues pose significant risk in the engineering industry because noncompliance can lead to serious monetary penalties and a damaged reputation, which in turn may cause the loss of customers, decreased earnings and a depressed market and share value.

Engineering training and elearning

To stay competitive, engineering companies need to keep innovating and advancing their engineering practices, in which training plays a very important role. Many organisations active in the engineering industry are currently facing a serious gap between the available engineering talent and what they need to grow their business. One way of dealing with this gap is by providing training to employees that don’t yet have all the skills you are looking for.

Training and apprenticeship programmes can help engineering companies deal with a lack of talent in the labour market without having to rely solely on the output of engineering schools.

While in-house training can help solve the talent gap, it does not come without its number of challenges.

Training Costs

Setting up a training program takes a significant investment that won’t create an ROI in the short term. In the long term however, if it is well-organised, you are very likely to see a high ROI on your training program.

Staff Turnover

Employees inevitably come and go. Employee turnover always represents a significant business cost, but when you’re providing a lot of training to employees, this risk associated with this cost goes up significantly.

Research has shown however that employee training can help improve the employee retention rate and thus lower the business cost related to turnover. An employee training programme that emphasises transfer of knowledge can also help keep important knowledge within the organisation so it is not lost when a key employee leaves.

To set up an extensive employee training programme, seeking the assistance of a training and development expert is advisable. Below we’ve listed several training and learning experts with experience in training and elearning for the engineering industry.

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LMS for Engineering – Titus Learning

Titus Learning are one of the world’s leading providers of open source learnig management systems. Their engineering client work includes a custom moodle LMS development for The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), enabling a new, blended training programme.

Moodle LMS for National Physical Laboratory

Titus take pride in being home to some of the best Moodle development talent around. On average, each team member has been using Moodle for more than ten years, across a range of organisations, regions, and skillsets.

Salts Mill,
Victoria Road
West Yorkshire,
BD18 3LA
Tel: +44 (0) 1133 200 346
Go to to read their NPL case study.


UK Engineering Training Provider – IPS International

IPS International is a UK-based training provider that specialises in engineering and production training, apprenticeships, management development, health and social care and information technology. The company also provides training consultancy, support and advice.

Training courses are delivered at IPS International’s training centres or the client’s own premises. Engineering training courses that are offered cover topics such as:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Control and instrumentation training
  • Welding training

Several times a year, the company organises a 4-day IOSH health and safety training course at their training centre in Kent.

They also help companies set up apprenticeship programs that generally involve some training provided by IPS International and on-the-job training that the employer is responsible for.

Find out more about IPS International training and apprenticeships at


US Engineering Training Provider – ASME Training & Development

ASME Training & Development is a leading training provider for engineers and technical professionals. Their courses cover a wide range of engineering and technical disciplines.

ASME regularly organises public training courses in major cities throughout North America. They also provide onsite training at the client’s location.

Besides traditional training sessions, ASME also offers online instructor-supported engineering courses and self-study courses that can be completed at the student’s own pace.

More information on ASME can be found at

You can also browse for more of the leading engineering training providers in the USA.


eLearning Content Development – Interactive Solutions

Off-the-shelf eLearning courses may not meet your company’s complex learning requirements. If this is the case, you should consider the development of bespoke eLearning courses. While you could attempt to create courses using in-house resources, it’s often best to involve an eLearning content development expert.

Interactive Solutions is an eLearning consultancy that helps with the design and development of custom eLearning courses. They also offer training courses on creating great eLearning content that teaches clients how they can produce high quality content in-house.

The company has worked with clients throughout a number of industries, including the engineering and manufacturing industry.

Have a look at for more information.


Online Course Provider – Oilennium

Part of the Petrofac Group, Oilennium offer off-the-shelf and custom-made Oil & Gas elearning training courses. Since 2006, they have created an extensive library of 200+ highly detailed courses that can be delivered any time, anywhere – even to staff based offshore. This is highly interactive elearning that will engage, as well as inform the learner. As well as instructional designers and elearning developers, they have in-house subject matter experts and trainers that make this cutting-edge training for the Oil and Gas industry.

Find out more at

Over at e-Learning Centre, we have curated over 450 of the best online courses from a wide range of industries, and over 40 of them are from Oilennium! Browse those e-learning courses from Oilennium across popular topics, such as Manual Handling, Pressure Safety, Risk Assessment and many more.


Games Based Learning – Growth Engineering

Growth Engineering is an award-winning provider of social and games based learning solutions that are used by small and large UK and international organisations. They focus a great deal on providing a fun learning experience using gamification to help engage students and boost retention.

The eLearning company was founded in 2004 and has since then rapidly grown to become an expert in gamified eLearning.

Growth Engineering also creates high quality learning content, LMS and provides custom content creation services.

Users include HP, Aggregate Industries, Cisco and more.

You can find more information about the Growth Engineering at


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