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Thank you for telling us about yourself. Based on what you've told us, the following information may be relevant to pursuing your educational and career goals:

Degree Programs that May Interest You

Rider's College of Continuing Studies offers two associate degrees, five bachelor's degrees and five certificate programs. Degrees you might consider include:

Associate Degrees
  • A.A. in Arts in Business Administration
  • A.A. in Arts in General Studies
Bachelor's Degrees
  • B.A. Public Relations
  • B.A. Liberal Studies
  • B.A. Psychology
  • B.S. Business Administration
  • B.S. Nursing (online RN to BSN)
Programs & Certificates
  • Post-baccalaureate; Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental and Pre-Veterinary Studies
  • Public Relations Certificate
  • Business Basics and Business Plus Certificates
  • Business Forensics Certificate

As you get closer to completing goal of earning a Rider degree, as a College of Continuing Studies' student, in your last semester and with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, you'll be able to enroll in six (6) graduate-level credits and apply them toward both your bachelor's and master's degrees, should you decide to enroll in a graduate program upon earning your bachelor's degree.

Transfer of Credit Policies that May Affect You

Rider's College of Continuing Studies has generous transfer credit policies. We transfer up to 90 credits (60 credits from two-year institutions) toward a bachelor of arts (B.A.) or science (B.S.) degree, up to 75 credits toward the business (B.S.B.A.) degree, and up to 30 credits toward an associate degree (A.A.). We also transfer credits older than 10 years (except for certain business disciplines).

Your advisor can tell you whether you should enroll in the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program. Students who successfully complete the PLA can earn up to 15 college-credit by demonstrating they possess college-level knowledge acquired experientially (e.g. through past work, volunteer experiences, artistic pursuits, etc. ).

Your advisor can tell you whether pursuing CLEP, DANTES or NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Exams will shorten your path to a degree. Offered in a number of subjects and languages, these exams allow students who pass them to earn college credit. They are administered at Rider or at a local testing site. Testing fees vary, but are generally around $100 for a 3-credit test. Rider does not charge for the transfer of any credit.

Scholarships & Financial Aid that May Be Applicable to You

Each year, hundreds of CCS students receive scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. As a CCS student, you will have a designated Financial Aid Counselor and attend workshops on identifying and applying for external scholarships.

If your employer provides you with tuition benefits, our Corporate Deferment Plan will allow you to pay tuition after you complete the courses. Or, with our Deferred Payment Plan, you can choose to pay your tuition in installments.

Course Formats that Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

With Rider's convenient course formats for adult learners, you will be able to attend classes while still accommodating your work and family responsibilities. As a College of Continuing Studies' student, you are free to enroll in any course Rider offers, but our alternate format courses (weekend, eight-week alternate, online and accelerated) are designed especially to fit your schedule.

Support Resources to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Rider University's commitment to adult learners encompasses more than 140 years of providing educational programs for working adults. As a CCS student, there are many resources from tutoring to career planning that will support you throughout your academic journey and beyond. For example:

  • CCS Advisors are available during day and evening hours to help with course registration, academic progress and any other academic issues. Our advisors work with students in person, over the telephone and/or via e-mail.
  • Our Career Services staff will help you seek opportunities, create your resume and prepare for interviews, both during your studies at Rider and after graduation.
  • The Technology Help Desk will provide you with a single point of contact for all computer-related issues. You will have Rider Email and MyInfo, a web-based system that allows students to register for classes, view and modify their schedules, pay tuition charges, etc. In addition, as a Rider student, you can purchase Microsoft Windows and Office software products for a nominal fee.

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Did You Know?

Rider's distinguished faculty and excellent academic programs have had a major impact on the lives of adult students. Many alumni have gone on to realize significant professional accomplishments after their graduation from Rider.

They have held positions of President and COO of Dow Jones and Company; Chief Financial Officer of Roma Bank; Senior Vice President and CFP of Shore Community Bank; Co-Chairman of the Board and CEO of Hibbert Group; Chief Information Officer of Toll Brothers; President and COO of RAIT Investment Trust; President and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital at Hamilton; and President and CEO of the Sands Hotel and Casino, among many others.