Pharmaceutical eLearning Companies

Here we look at some of the top pharmaceutical elearning companies across the globe, including learning management system (LMS) and content development providers. We also look at why online training solutions are ideal for this challenging, high-profile and high-consequence sector.

Pharmaceutical elearning and training solutions

Anyone involved with Learning & Development for a pharmaceutical company knows that it has a uniquely broad and complex set of requirements to think about. These include:

  • Pharma being a high-consequence industry, with any mis-steps having potential life-changing or fatal consequences
  • Complex regulatory compliance frameworks to work within, most of which vary considerably across different countries
  • Fast-changing technologies and medical breakthroughs mean that any relevant training content needs to be just as quick to adapt
  • High-profile work – the pharmaceutical industry and its interaction with governments as well as the private sector mean that these companies are under constant media scrutiny
  • Needing to react to the latest epidemics and pandemics, such as bird flu or the more recent Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
  • Pharma companies relying on an extentive network of partners, from raw material suppliers to supply chain logistics, pharmacists, and healthcare / medical professionals who administer products to patients or customers. As well as pharmaceutical company staff, all these partners need to be trained to the same high standard.

It’s all these moving parts that make elearning ideal for pharmaceutical training, because new or updated content can be created and rolled to teams at speed and at scale, with relatively little overhead.

Here we have compiled a list of 6 of the best elearning companies for pharma…


Pharmaceutical LMS – Create

Based in the UK and with clients in the US and worldwide, Create is one of the best pharmaceutical LMS solutions, as the team has extensive experience in this sector.

In his 2022 review of Create LMS, David commented on how this is a powerful learning platform that offers speed and ease for its users. At the same time, it is well-equipped to meet the needs of modern, digital business.

Create LMS review

If you require a validated learning management system, this is where Create LMS really comes into its own. For example, platforms for the pharmaceuticals industry need to be validated to meet an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) requirement) 21 CFR Part 11.

Founder Mark Taggart comes from a pharmaceuticals background, so the notion of a validated system is not new to this company, and validation is readily available on request.

Learn more on the Create LMS website and get in touch with their expert team.


US – Sweet Rush

Based in San Francisco, Sweet Rush has been a notable name in the pharma elearning space since 2001.  From instructor-led blended learning solutions, content authoring to modern AR/VR solutions, you get it all under a single roof with this US elearning company.

SweetRush elearning company in the US

In 2020, they won 16 more prestigious Brandon Hall Excellence gold awards for best use of blended learning and elearning solutions. Read more about their recent recognitions for a range of client projects across multiple sectors, including Pharma, and explore their solutions.


UK – Day One Technologies

For over 20 years, Day One have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and worldwide, across multiple sectors that include Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

Healthcare eLearning Solutions from Day One

They are highly experienced in designing and developing virtual training programmes in the areas of onboarding, compliance, employee skills development and much more.

Day One create bespoke elearning content and learning management systems, and have rare expertise in the field of simulation based training.

Relevant projects include simulation-based elearning for pharmaceutical company, Roche to support software onboarding, and training content for many healthcare names such as the NHS and Royal College of Physicians.

Read about their healthcare and pharmaceutical training solutions on their website.


India – G-Cube

Located in Noida, India, with more than 80 awards under their belts and more than two decades of elearning industry experience, G-Cube is among the fastest growing companies in the online learning space.

Their capabilities include designing and developing technology-based learning solutions for pharma and healthcare companies.

Read this G-Cube case study on how their helped to automate training and re-training systems for pharmaceutical company, Strides Arcolab. Their customised pharmaceutical LMS solution helped to improve compliance, integration with their existing Document Management System, certification renewal alerts and more.


Australia – Seer Pharma

Based in Victoria, Australia, and with offices in Singapore and the UK, Seer Pharma is a well-known name in the field of online Good Manufacturing Practice / GMP training. They offer both training and consulting solutions for the entire supply chain of a medical product.

Specialising in training solutions for the APAC region, they have also designed and developed a range of elearning programmes for systems and processes that are compliant with FDA, PIC/S, TGA, WHO and ISO regulations.

Visit their website at to learn more.


Mainland Europe – Dokeos

Located in Belgium, France, and the United States, Dokeos has been at the forefront of elearning solutions for top pharmaceutical companies across the world.

The company has helped pharma laboratories, research centres and clinical trial agencies in fulfilling performance management needs, and compliance with FDA regulations and European Medicines Agency (EMA) standards.

Read about how the Dokeos LMS has delivered FDA and EMA compliance solutions on their website.


Final Thoughts

Due to the complex and highly regulated nature of the pharmaceutical industry, elearning content and platforms will be held to higher standards here than in most other sectors.

Therefore, it’s important for pharma companies to be careful in their choice of elearning solutions provider and ideally, work with a team who have been there and done it.

The elearning companies above have done exactly that, so should be able to do a good job in helping to meet your pharma training needs.


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