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Our 2014 publication on the UK, EU and Chinese elearning markets is now available.

The 4th report in our series into the elearning market, including a section on “what the buyer wants”, defined national market sizes and more…… you can purchase this report of 100 pages now.

This 2014 report provides accuracy, insight and analysis into this ill-defined and misunderstood market, including:

Updated market size and market growth projections for 20 European countries elearning markets
An indepth review of the UK elearning market
Detailed analysis of “What the buyer wants”.
An updated taxonomy and glossary of key elearning terms
An enhnaced synopsis of 20 EU member countries elearning markets
Our first view of the Chinese elearning market.

This report is the third in a series of reports – published by Learning Light in 2007; 2010, and 2014. It is, however, our fourth report on the elearning sector following Learning Light’s report, in 2013, for IBIS Capital Limited, a specialist investment bank focused on the media sector.

All these reports have aimed to identify and analyse the key issues and trends that affect the corporate online learning industry. They have tried to provide value in informing and illuminating debate and discussion – at individual, organisation, industry, national and even international level.

In addition to looking at the state of the corporate online learning industry, this report seeks to take account of wider economic influences –particularly as they affect the industries that buy online learning technologies (both in terms of learning content and systems).

In an attempt to add value through colour and context to ‘bare facts and figures’, a significant part of this report deals with opinions. These opinions include those of buyers and users of online learning technologies’ products and services in various industrial sectors of the UK economy.


In addition, the Learning Light report published in 2010 broke new ground by seeking to provide market information and analysis for European online learning technologies markets outside the UK. This report continues this practice, with the intention of illuminating these culturally disparate but geographically connected markets.

The final section of this report looks even further afield by – for the first time – examining the corporate online learning technologies (elearning) market in China. The Chinese economy is widely thought to be having an increasing – and significant – influence over the world’s economy. This report aims to shed some light on the hitherto enigmatic Chinese corporate online learning technologies sector. 

This report is available to purchase now.

This full review is available now for £1200.00 + VAT or in the following sections:

The Executive Summary for £350.00 + VAT

The UK elearning market review for £550 + VAT

The UK and EU elearning market review for £800.00 + VAT

The Chinese elearning market review for £600.00 + VAT


Our 2010/11 research into the UK and European elearning market is still available for purchase at a much reduced price of just £250.00 + VAT

The focus of the report reflect the trends within both the industry and marketplaces we surveyed using our forecasting model and detailed interviews with leading suppliers of elearning and learning technologies. We researched the European market and undertook interviews/discussions with industry representatives in MENA, India and the USA, with a goal to get a wider grasp of the opportunities and threats within our web-powered industry. In addition to our own experience and expertise within Learning Light we’ve drawn on independent sources, including:

At the heart of our research has been a series of interviews with organisations and individuals engaged in the elearning market, from micro-businesses developing innovative technologies to established major service and product suppliers in the Europe, MENA, the USA and India.

As in 2009 our goal has been to provide both suppliers and purchasers with an understanding of what’s possible, what’s available and where elearning services and products are going. We also comment on the convergence of technologies and design techniques for business, entertainment, gaming, learning and assessment. Finally we look at the way new technologies and changing economics offer both threats and opportunities to suppliers and purchasers of elearning products and services.

You can still purchase this report.


Our work with IBIS Capital

We have produced 4 reports to date, including working with IBIS Capital we have jointly produced a definitive view of the global elearning and learning technologies market – a true Global elearning investment review, titled elearning, lessons for the future.”

This premium research report is only being made available to the Education, Learning and Training sector and the Investment industry. If you wish to request a copy of this research, please create a user account.

This report ” elearning, lessons for the future” is available via ourselves – please contact us at Learning Light or contact IBIS Capital by e-mail: corporate.finance@ibiscapital.co.uk.

This 100 page report provides an industry overview,explains the key market factors, looks closely at market trends, offers insight into elearning innovation, looks at Mergers and Acquisitions and valuations and presents an exceptionally well researched view of the future.

Its is made up of the following sections:

  • Introduction to elearning
  • Education trends and the Adoption of Technology
  • elearning subsectors:
  1. Content
  2. Management systems
  3. Distribution
  • Pearson case study: a Leader in education
  • Valuation and the M&A Activity
  • Buyer Landscape and the Strategic Rationale
  • IBIS Capital’s lessons for the Future


About IBIS Capital

This premium research report is only being made available to the education,learning and training industry and the Investment industry. If you wish to request a copy of this research, please get in touch with us at Learning Light.

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