Svelte LMS Review: a Leader in Security, Value and Modern Features

In this new review of the Svelte LMS from Walkgrove, David found a learning platform that is a real leader in data security, great-value pricing models, and modern features such as gamification, multitenancy and multilingual capabilities.

Review of Svelte LMS from Walkgrove

We last reviewed Walkgrove’s Svelte LMS three years ago, when it was not well known. Today it is a widely used LMS, delivering some fantastic learning projects (including Transport for London’s cycle skills training and modules for the mental health charity, Mind).

So, we thought it would be good to understand what has been happening with Svelte and to let a few more people into the secret of this super LMS.


Feature-Rich and Secure, Yet Streamlined

Firstly, Svelte remains true to its nomenclature. It has lost nothing of its elegance or slenderness; it is still following the same design principles that set it apart from other LMS solutions and it is delivering exceptional results.

Yes, Svelte has incorporated some nice new features and enhanced the security of the site as a result of its amazing successes with public facing learning projects. However, Svelte continues to offer amazing value for money – so no change there!

The Svelte team (working at Walkgrove which, just so you know, is a leading elearning content developer) has listened closely to Svelte’s users and added a very nice and comprehensive Learning Journey function.

Learning objects (SCORM 1.2 modules) and other learning resources (pretty much any file format) can be ordered in conjunction with quizzes (created in Svelte very quickly and easily) to form the learning journey. There are options for either linear completion or self -directed learning.

The assignment of the learning journey is nicely catered for with a simple but effective interface allowing for the role, the learner profile and the journey to be presented in a triangular model. The setting up (assigning) of the learner’s profile is very neat and opens up many more possibilities for personalised learning journeys, as we shall see.

Good LMS UI and UX with Svelte

Svelte’s evolution has continued into handling and managing learning content. This is again triangulated on learner profile, course and learning module. While these two triangles sound simple, the effect is to produce a multi-dimensional means of managing the learner and their personalised learning experience. Very simple, very smart, very Svelte.

The learning journey is nicely visualised as ever; Svelte’s UI and UX is excellent. The new learner dashboard really works as well.


Gamification Tools – Assessment Quizzes & Rewards

Some simple gamification can be added and participants can, of course, be anonymised. The Gamification Leader Board is driven by assessment quizzes or by the reward point option built into Svelte. Workflow reminders are also very good indeed and are both quick and easy to create.

eLearning platform gamification example

Integrations & SSO

Svelte now comes with a full Microsoft Teams integration as well as a very good e-commerce option handling PayPal, Stripe and allowing for invoice creation. SSO is also possible.

Naturally the content can be held once and used multiple times in different learning pathways, or in different tenancies as part of Svelte’s multi-tenancy deployment, which are becoming a work of art.

Svelte has become much more sophisticated in its handling of multi-tenancy. I was always impressed with Svelte’s earlier iteration of multi-tenancy, but now Svelte can offer multi-layered, multi-tenancy solutions with multiple languages all managed from the master instance. Forty tenancies with sub-tenancies are not a problem to Svelte, together with custom domain URLs for each different country, if required.

Multilingual LMS capabilities - Dutch example


LMS Security & GDPR Compliance

Walkgrove has invested heavily in Svelte’s security, given demands around data security and uninterrupted service: all site user cookies can be killed at the end of each session if required.

Multi-factor authentication at sign on is used to prevent machine penetration and databases are encrypted to a very high level. Naturally, Svelte is fully GDPR complaint and all data is held on dedicated UK servers, although clients can have their own solo use server if required. Svelte backs up to AWS.

The reporting interface is well designed, with lots of options available which really are driven by client requirement. The learner interface for Svelte can be translated into multiple languages including right to left. However, for users with administrative privileges the admin interface is only available in the English language.

Given that Svelte supports multiple levels of administrative privileges, access to learner records can be rigorously controlled and a rather clever “masked data” option is available to restrict unauthorised access to learner records.

Top LMS for learner data security

So, what is the secret of Svelte? Why can it do some really rather clever things that set it apart? Well, first off Svelte is not a public cloud or SaaS LMS. Each Svelte instance is set up and configured to meet clients’ requirements and future requirements.

An in-depth, consultancy-led set-up ensures that Svelte is configured to meet each client’s requirements, embodying integrations, learner communications, reporting and more.

The second secret of Svelte is the pricing model. There is a one off set up and configuration fee, which is slightly more expensive if a multi-tenancy solution is required, then a very low-cost price point agreed for learner usage, which is reviewed annually up or down accordingly.

Svelte certainly is not an LMS that will penalise you for success. In fact, Svelte is proving hugely popular for customer-facing, open access learning delivery because of this approach to pricing.

Svelte is no longer a top secret LMS known to a chosen few. Indeed, Svelte is growing in usage numbers and popularity with organisations across the world because of its consultancy-led approach to set up and configuration, its undoubted capability to deliver excellent learning experiences, and its multitenancy and multilingual architectures that absolutely meet organisational requirements.

Whilst Svelte is no longer a secret, it could be the secret to your learning success.

Excellent value LMS pricing models


So here with Svelte LMS, we have a real leader in learner data security, great UI / UX, all the latest elearning features (such as multilingual, multitenancy and gamification tools), yet great-value pricing models to suit most budgets.

Learn more about the excellent Svelte LMS over on the Walkgrove website.