Taking your WAMITAB Level 4 qualification online with Learning Light

Learning Light can make gaining your WAMITAB Level 4 qualification easy and accessible through online training.

Get a WAMITAB qualification online with Learning Light

While a small number of assessor visits will still be necessary to complete the qualification, our online tools allow learners to speak with their assessor and upload evidence remotely.

This ensures that learners may continue work on their qualification, while reducing the amount of face-to-face contact with your assessor.

By going online, learners can work on their qualification at times that best fit around their busy schedules and most of the learner-assessor communication needed can be done by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or phone calls to suit your needs and preferences.

Completing your WAMITAB course online means better communication with assessors, as meetings can be set up quickly with documents shared on screen and feedback provided by the assessor.

Furthermore, going online will mean fewer assessor visits are necessary. These visits will be much more productive as the focus will be on competencies rather than on the paperwork.


So how does the Learning Light online system work?

The Learning Light online system allows you to upload evidence for your portfolio quickly and easily.

Evidence uploaded can be photographs, videos and documents which then can be viewed by your assessor as you proceed through the qualification. Your assessor can easily monitor these files to ensure you are on the right track.

The online system will also allow for the assessor to give more focused and effective assessments and feedback on your work.

Assessors can then set up online calls and meetings through a range of platforms Learning Light uses, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, and speak with you directly as they would with a face-to-face site visit.

Therefore, you will still receive the crucial feedback and guidance that your assessor is there to provide when using the Learning Light online systems.


Choice is important…working with you

There are many ways we help you achieve your qualification online: by uploading documents or pictures for the assessor to review, by emails or online meetings, and of course – phone calls.

How you chose to proceed with your qualification can be discussed with your assessor during your induction. However, if you still chose to use our traditional paper workbook approach that is just fine and there is no pressure to use our online systems if they do not suit you.

Whether online meetings of face to face visits, the Learning Light team aims to make the process of completing your qualification as easy as possible and your assessor is always there to help should you have any queries.


Our customers like online…

Learning Light has years of experience with online systems and knows that many of our customers appreciate the flexibility that online learning provides.

To discuss how we can help make getting your WAMITAB qualification as easy as possible, please contact us here at Learning Light.