Employee Onboarding Training with eLearning & Blended Learning

Here we look at companies that can help you to improve employee onboarding training by creating induction elearning and blended learning solutions. With great onboarding systems in place to welcome and train new staff, you can reduce time to competency, increase employee engagement (helping to lower staff attrition), improve compliance and more.

Whenever you take on new staff, a good level of face to face training and induction will be needed to make them feel welcome and introduce them to the company culture.

However, some self-paced learning may be most effective for many people, especially when many facts and procedures need to be learned.

By making the most of elearning, companies can deliver training to a geographically dispersed workforce and update learning materials quickly and cheaply as needs change.


Top Solutions Providers


Day One Technologies

One of the top bespoke elearning development companies in the UK, Day One have created impressive onboarding training solutions for a range of large clients with complex induction needs.

Day One Technologies - UK elearning companyThey have particular strengths in developing scenario and simulation based training to get staff up to speed and confident with off the shelf and in-house systems.

For example, when Lloyds Bank acquired HBOS (the largest merger in European financial services history) thousands of staff needed to get trained in a new, unified system quickly in order to support their 25 million customers.

Day One accomplished this feat to enable the client to deliver a seamless transition for its customer base.

Day One don’t just create high-tech training solutions though, they have a skilled team of creative elearning developers with expertise in Learning and Development, providing engaging and effective content for any need and sector.

Telephone Number: +44 (0)1924 510524
Email: learnmore@dayonetech.com
Address: Day One Technologies Ltd, Unit 55 Batley Business and Technology Centre, Grange Road, Batley (near Leeds), West Yorkshire WF17 6ER, UK.

Take a look at www.dayonetech.com for more on their solutions and case studies.



AllenComm – Corporate Training Solutions

One of the top elearning companies in the US, AllenComms have extensive experience in creating corporate employee onboarding solutions for compliance, staff engagement and sales enablement.

AllenComm Corporate Training Solutions

One of the longest-established elearning and blended learning providers in the US, this multi award-winning company has been recognised for its impactful work in onboarding, gamification, content development, microlearning, sales enablement and more.

Tel: (801) 537-7800
Email: info@allencomm.com

Visit their website at www.allencomm.com for more info on their services and solutions.


Benefits of eLearning for Onboarding

1. eLearning can be used to deliver multimedia training, which can be effective for people who prefer and learn best in differing ways. The materials, such as recorded presentations can also be kept available permanently for reference, whereas if you are to rely on face to face training deliver, the quality of reference materials post-training may be more limited and more reliant on the note-taking of your new recruits.

2. By showing that you make personal and professional development easy and accessible, employees with feel more valued, which has been shown to improve engagement and performaance, and reduce attrition.

3. By keeping important information available any time anywhere, service and product knowledge for sales and customer service can be enhanced, while compliance training can easily be revisited and updated in line with new legislation or industry guidelines.


Can We Help You?

eLearning can help to facilitate much of the onboarding and initial training of new staff, and we can work with your organisation to identify your training requirements in order to design and implement the most effective solutions – often through a blended learning strategy.

Get in touch with Learning Light Ltd to discuss how we can help you to maximise the benefits of a blended learning approach when onboarding new staff.